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Alpha Spot HPE 1200

Alpha Spot HPE 1200


Manufacturer: Clay Paky

Description: The Alpha Spot HPE 1200 is the most complete high-performance effects projector in its power category (1200 W). Its graphic system (supplied as standard) consists of 20 gobos on 3 wheels, an animation disc, two rotating prisms, three frost filters, a mechanical iris, a dimmer and a stop/strobe. The colour system is based on CMY, a colour wheel and a linear CTO. Its wide linear 10°-40° zoom, brightness characteristics, silent operation and numerous effects and colours make it suitable for all lighting designers who want the top in professional lighting results.



  • 1200 W discharge lamp
  • Optical unit with extremely high luminous efficiency
  • 10°- 40° electronic linear zoom
  • A rich range of effects designed for professional use
  • CMY colour system + colour wheel + linear CTO
  • Graphic system: 20 gobos + 1 animation disc + 2 rotating prisms
  • Three frost filters
  • High speed mechanical iris
  • 0-100% dimmer on a dedicated channel
  • Silent operation (“Silent Version” system supplied as standard)
  • High performance electronics
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance