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Manufacturer: Green Hippo

Description: If your project needs a single output of full HD fed from 8 media layers in a robust but compact rackmount form then meet the Hippotizer GrassHopper. The latest addition to the Green Hippo range brings a wealth of possibilities to any show whilst ensuring you don’t compromise quality when meeting the budget.

GrassHopper shares all the software features of its close relative the Hippotizer HD. Its unrestricted output resolution allows you to drive a single HD display or lets you get the best from output extenders such as Matrox multi-head adapters, the EMS-iVU4 or Datapath x4.

Use it as a stand-alone player, with VideoMapper or make it work hard as part of an UberPan rig to provide the flexibility, ease of use and array of configuration options you’ve come to expect from any member of the Hippotizer family.



  • Full HD playback with unrestricted output resolution
  • Compatible with most industry standard output extenders
  • Wide range of input options including HD-SDI, DVI and HDMI
  • XFade - A/B mixing with preview and output on same layer
  • 8 Media layers (+8 mask layers)
  • Map to the most complex screen setups using the RegionMapper and the award winning VideoMapper
  • PixelMapper with unrestricted number of output