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RigiFleXL 71mm

RigiFleXL 71mm


Manufacturer: RGB Lights

Description: RigiFleXL is a malleable grid of LED lights built from small metal poles and rugged plastic junctions where the LEDs are inserted. The grid is more rigid than FlexiFlex panels, but much more flexible than standard lighting panels. The panels can be linked together with simple buckles to scale in any direction.

Standard Resolutions:
71 mm
100 mm

Custom resolutions are also available.

Body Housing Color Options:
Custom colors also available



  • Lightweight
  • Slim 1.25" Depth
  • Modular panels with easy buckle connector
  • Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, cylindrical, spiral and other creative layout capabilities
  • Uniform LED grids over large surfaces
  • IP 66 components (dry, wet & damp rated)
  • UL Listed LED components
  • Over 64 billion additive RGB Colors
  • Instantaneous refresh rate / no latency
  • Standard video connection: DVI, VGA, S-Video, Composite
  • Field serviceability
  • Quick connections
  • No sharp or protruding edges, preventing marring

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