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Manufacturer: Snow Masters

Description: A radical new evaporative snow machine that can be used at ground level as well as hung from a truss. This product offers the driest snow on the market. The T-1500 can send snow in the air up to 50 feet. Known as the Snow Zone, it integrates with a high output fan in a swivel case, supported by a strong, bracketed frame. It requires a 10 amp. 110v or 220v circuit.



  • Size of Unit: 25”L x 18”W x 25”H
  • Weight: 60 Pounds
  • Material: Rugged Polypropylene
  • Electrical Requirements

  • 1-15amp, 110v circuit per machines.
  • Also available: 100V and 220V
  • Warm Up Time: NONE
  • Noise Levels: 75db @ 10’
  • Distance of Snow

  • From ground base: Throw: 50 feet plus
  • Width: Over 20 feet
  • Hanging Throw: 50 feet plus (Starting height of 10’)
  • Width: Over 20 feet
  • Snow Flake Control

  • Size of Flake: Light to snowstorm. Snowflake can be adjusted by DMX control, hardwired control or stand-alone controls.
  • Fan Control

  • 1/3 Horsepower 20 inch impeller. Variable speed control on the actual machine. Remote on/off by DMX or Hardwire remote. CFM; Max 4765
  • Evaporative Time

  • Small to Medium Flakes: 30 to 90 seconds
  • Large Flakes: 90 to 120 seconds.
  • Snow Machine Controls

  • Lighting Console: Non-dim circuits patch to separate channels.
  • Remote: 30’ hardwire controller
  • DMX

  • USITT Standard: 4 Channels
  • Channel 1 On/Off
  • Channel 2 Timer Length of Cycle
  • Channel 3 Duration of Cycle
  • Channel 4 Flake Size
  • Liquid Capacity

  • Tank Capacity: One gallon/4 liters or external 5 gallons
  • Snow Production Per Gallon: 1 to 1.5 hrs