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Wholehog III Programming Wing

Wholehog III Programming Wing


Manufacturer: Flying Pig

Description: The Wholehog 3 Programming Wing provides the perfect control surface for Hog 3PC software. The same high quality controls are used as the ones found on the Wholehog 3 console, ensuring responsive and reliable operation. A Wholehog 3 LED desklight is supplied, fully dimmable and software controllable.

Styled in a similar manner to the Wholehog 3 console, the Programming Wing is equally at home connected to a laptop, a desktop PC, as well as a Wholehog 3 or Hog iPC console. In addition, the Programming Wing is fully compatible with the classic Hog 2PC application.


  • USB connection to Hog 3PC computer, Road Hog console, Hog iPC console or Wholehog 3 console
  • Internal USB hub supporting two external devices
  • Socket for a Wholehog LED desklight (supplied), fully dimmable
  • Encoders, trackball and buttons provide a full programming interface
  • A single programming wing can be connected to Hog 3PC, Hog 2PC, Road Hog console, Hog iPC console, or a Wholehog 3 console