Renting vs. Buying Lighting Equipment: The Benefits of Both

It is very important to know the advantages of both renting and purchasing industrial lighting and equipment for your next project or event. Depending on your specific situation, there are benefits to both, and RGB Lights is going to help you make the most cost effective decision.

Before making a decision one way or the other, be sure to ask yourself and your team the following questions…

·       How many times will I use this type of equipment?

·       Do I rent this piece of lighting equipment frequently?

·       What is the cost of renting this piece of equipment vs buying and owning the equipment?

·       Will projects I have booked in the future need this lighting equipment?

·       What type of budget do I have to work with for lighting equipment?

·       Is this project long term or short term?

·       Is this a permanent or temporary lighting setup?

Asking yourself these questions will give you a better idea whether you should buy the lighting equipment or rent it for your event or production. Going into the situation knowing a little more about the equipment and how often you will use it is going to make your decision much easier.

It is also a good idea to ask other members of your team. The opinion of someone that works hands on with the equipment or manages your events can be very valuable. Since they work directly with the equipment, they may be able to point out some things that you did not consider.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into lighting rentals and decide whether or not this is the best option for you.

Renting Lighting Equipment

Again, let’s reflect on your answers to the questions above. Renting lighting equipment probably makes sense for the majority of productions and events that you host. However, this is dependent on your industry and a few other factors. If you are having a one time event for example, you will never be using that type of lighting equipment again, so renting is the most cost effective option. These events include but are not limited to…

·       Weddings

·       Concerts

·       Formal Events

·       Gatherings

·       Parties

·       Seasonal Events

·       Or anything else that will only last a short period of time

If your company provides services for events on a regular basis and you are interested in trying some new ideas or setups before you make a large investment, renting may again be favorable. This will help you avoid spending a ton of money just to find out that the equipment doesn’t work or look how you thought and it doesn’t stun your audience. On the other hand, you may love the equipment after renting and then you can be confident with your purchase and make adjustments to a different model or style if needed.

Either way, renting this equipment will be worth your time and money. Quality rental equipment will allow the event to impress and entertain your guests with breathtaking lighting. Make your event extraordinary and stand out from the competition by renting lighting equipment such as…

·       Automated Lighting

·       Audio Equipment

·       Chain Motors

·       LED Lighting Controllers

·       Conventional Lighting

·       Data Distribution

·       Décor

·       Lighting Dimmers

·       Effects

·       LED Power Supplies

·       LED Lighting

·       Media Servers

·       Power Distribution

·       Projectors

·       Rigging and Truss

RGB Lights has top of the line equipment for any event you are hosting. You will not only have quality equipment to work with, you will also have the RGB team of experts to provide incredible service. There is an almost endless array of lighting equipment to cater to your special day. Check out each individual category on our rental page.

As you can see, renting definitely has advantages in certain situations. If you are having a one time event or trying something new it is your most cost effective option. That being said, there are also many scenarios when making an investment in your company and purchasing the equipment is the most logical decision.

In the next section, we will take a look at some examples of this and how RGB Lights can assist you with your purchase.

Buying Lighting Equipment

Buying lighting equipment does not have to be a scary or daunting decision. Let our team of experts point you in the right direction. Most of the time, purchasing your own equipment is a great investment for your company. For example, if you host frequent events that include lighting features, it makes more sense to purchase and own the equipment. That way, you always have it ready to go and won’t have to pay the rental costs anymore. Ultimately, your invest will pay off.

Another example would be if you are installing a permanent or semi-permanent lighting setup. This may be inside or outside of your office to improve your work environment or even a breathtaking store front display that will catch the eyes of your customers. In both of these examples, it would make much more sense financially to purchase and install the equipment.

Not only is it better for your bottom line but it makes it easier for the installation crew. They gain experience with your specific lighting system and will be able to service it much more effectively.

RGB Lights is Here to Help

Whatever decision you make, you can do it with confidence knowing that the team of experts at RGB Lights is going to make your experience fantastic! We help many customers everyday with both renting and buying industrial lighting equipment in a wide variety of industries. Head over to the Industries and Applications page to take a look at some of the different areas that we work. Also, check out the Projects & Installations page to see some of our special projects that we are very proud to showcase.

Please connect with us today so we can help you get started on your next big and exciting idea. Maybe that is a one time event that requires a spectacular lighting rental package. It could also be a permanent installation on a large piece of equipment or office building that requires you to purchase your own lighting equipment. Or even a custom fabrication of your purchased lighting equipment.

Whether it is renting or buying the lighting equipment, we are going to design the most cost effective and beautiful solution possible!