Necessary Production Preparation for an Indoor Large-Scale Wedding or Corporate Party

The perfect wedding and the corporate party are two large-scale events that require a lot of care and precision. Everything from the lighting to video and audio must be in place. RGB Lights has a rental service available that allows you to rent what you need when you need it rather than having to invest in expensive high-end equipment. Rental audio systems, LED lighting, and effects can take an average event and transform it into something amazing. However, you have to be prepared. 

Large-Scale Event Preparation

For a large event, you need the right materials. Those materials include:

·      People to set up

·      LED event lights and the fixtures to mount them correctly

·      Audio equipment

·      Video equipment

·      Confetti and streamer blowers

·      Cases and bags needed to travel with the production equipment

RGB Lights can help you choose the equipment you need based on the effects that you wish to achieve throughout the wedding or event. If you want to add beauty to a wall, then you may want a linear interior LED wall-washing fixture. If you want to add accents to walls, then simple spotlights can do the trick.

For audio, you will most likely need microphones mixtures and speakers. Sometimes, DJs and bands will bring their own equipment, but you have the rental option if you need to provide the equipment. You can also opt for a mirror ball, lighted balloons, acrylic furniture, and different types of room décor. The sky is the limit.


How many people you need will depend on what you wish to accomplish. RGB Lights has experts that can install equipment and effects quickly. If you need spotlights installed on trusses or automated lights programmed, this can be done for you. You don’t have to have your own programmer on hand.

However, you will need people to set up tables, chairs, prepare and serve food, oversee the entertainment, and perform other important tasks. You have some flexibility in this area. Depending on how complex the event setup is, you may need to start setting up several days ahead of time. For weddings, how much time you have to set up depends on the venue. Many wedding parties aren’t able to start working on venue décor until the day before. How much time you have to set up and tear down may determine how many people you need and the equipment that you use.


Some of the rental LED lights that are available were highlighted earlier, but there are many more options. Interior lighting can do any of the following:

·      Graze a wall to highlight the wall’s texture

·      Illuminate a specific corner or area in a beautiful way (cove lighting)

·      Display complex and dynamic images and effects, as well as video through direct view

·      Illuminate a surface through washing to hide its imperfections

If you want to take a theatrical approach with your lighting, you can use the ColorBlaze TR4, which is a rental LED that has two different beam angles. Four effects are built in. These effects include color wash, fixed color, chasing rainbow, and random color.

Overall, there are well over 20 types of lights. Some have multiple effect capabilities, while others are single effect. If you can dream it, there is most likely a way to achieve it. You can even have a laser light show at your event if you’d like.


As mentioned earlier, audio is an important component of your event. Whether you are having a DJ or a band, everything from microphones and mixers to speakers needs to be in place. A common challenge is determining how many speakers are needed. A band that comes to a large venue with a single PA system isn’t going to be heard. If it is a large venue, you will need speakers around the band and along the sides and possibly the back. RGB Lights can consult with you on how many speakers are needed based on venue size and type.

The speaker size can also influence how many speakers are needed in a venue. For instance, EON518S 18-inch speakers are going to be louder than the EON15 G2.


There are several video options. Projection is popular at weddings, especially when highlighting the lives of the bride and groom. When using a projector, the E-Z Fold Portable Projection Screen can be useful if there isn’t a suitable wall to project the images on.

While corporate and other large-scale events could benefit from projection, especially if the event is a team building exercise that will involve presentations, flexible LED grid lights are a lot of fun. If you want to add a fascinating element to the party, this is how you can do it. RGB Lights has been known to take FlexiFlex 300mm LED grid lights and apply them to tubes, creating video tubes that add a futuristic effect to an area.


Blowers can be a lot of fun at any event. At weddings, a confetti blower can be a great alternative to throwing rice or blowing bubbles. It’s a lot of fun and makes for a nice effect. Dance parties, corporate events, and indoor concerts are also great events for blowers. You can launch a single shot of confetti or a large amount at one time.

Transporting Production Equipment

When transporting rented production equipment, hard cases are ideal. Microphone cases are cushioned and will keep the microphones safe. There are also cases for mixers, LED lights, blowers, and other pieces of equipment. When you rent production equipment from RGB Lights, everything is provided in a protective case.

RGB Lights in the Field

RGB Lights has executed a number of large-scale interior installations, such as the Audi A3 launch. For this major event in Naperville, an empty showroom was completely transformed into a party that was all about the Audi brand. We handled everything from the stages and car placement to the elements that made the event stand out. The Chroma-Q Color Change Plus, Acrylic Lighted Table, 9x16 Screen Gobo, and ColorReach PowerCore were all used. We also handled the sound. The method of control was the High-End Systems Hog 4 Full Boar.

Another notable event we handled was a birthday party that went well beyond the expectations of the guest of honor. It was a Wild West theme, so the goal was to make the guests feel like they had entered a different time period. This was done by using different décor elements, custom backdrops, Source IV Zoom, and Chroma-Q Color Change Plus.

RGB Lights also made the Friends of Prentice Gala rise to the occasion. This event raises money for Northwestern Memorial Hospital to help with research, patient care, and education. RGB Lights provided the lighting and effects that transformed the atmosphere into something fun and fascinating. The equipment used included the ColorBlast 12 V2, ColorBlaze 72 V2, Pinspot, and Source IV Zoom. The methods of control were the High-End Systems Hog 4 Full Boar and follow spots and operators. 

To learn more about large-scale production preparation contact RGB Lights.