Production Preparation for an Outdoor Nighttime Concert

There is more involved in the production of an outdoor nighttime concert than musicians, instruments, and sound equipment. Lights are also an integral part of the setup, but they’re not your average lights. LED concert lighting can be programmed to provide an additional element of entertainment.

There are many facets to the show, which means making an outdoor concert a success is like putting together a puzzle. From the outdoor concert lights to the audio equipment, you can have it all. You don’t even have to own the equipment because you can rent it. This is ideal for productions that may occur annually or nighttime concert series that only last a few months out of the year. By renting, there is no need to store equipment for long periods of time, no maintenance costs, and no need to worry about updating the equipment every few years to adhere to entertainment standards.

Setting Up for the Show

Many materials are needed for an outdoor concert, depending on how large or small the production. Those materials include:

·      A staging area

·      LED lights

·      Audio equipment

·      Rigging equipment, like chain motors and trusses

·      Laser effects or confetti

·      Décor

·      Power distribution equipment

·      Data distribution equipment with good range

Producing a concert takes work and supplies to make it entertaining. The success of the event leans on the perception of those attending, so everything must be done right to make a good impression.

However, it doesn’t stop at the main materials. You also have to consider the personnel, the different types of LED lights, blowers, video, audio components, and how the production equipment is going to be transported.


Event staffing depends on the size of the event. Two or three people can set up the equipment, test it, and do sound checks prior to the show. Sound checks should be done before the crowd starts showing up.

You will need to have trusses and the truss grapples to connect them to mount the LED concert lights, but these can be installed professionally. The lights can then be operated through a LED light controller. Programming a light routine can make the show a lot better. Having someone on hand to program the controller and run the lights can work. However, you can have the show professionally programmed, as well. There are options that keep you at a comfortable level of involvement in the installation and programming of the show.


You can have as much or as little control over the lights as you want. The advances in LED concert lighting are astounding. You can change colors, the shape of the lights can shift, or you can blast color everywhere. Lights can be mounted high on trusses, or they can be at stage level angled toward the band.

There are also LED fixtures that create long ribbons of color and color-changing effects. They can be used for video displays and intricate effects. There are automated lights, conventional lights, and the necessary supplies to ensure they run the way you desire. You are looking at over 20 different types of lights to choose from depending on the desired effects, the simplicity or complexity, your staff size, the type of show, and its location. Professional installation will help you a great deal, so you don’t have to be an expert in every aspect of producing the show, especially when it comes to lighting, equipment, and effects.


Microphones, mixers, and speakers are the main audio components. A band trying to play without proper audio equipment can make for an unpleasant concert experience. You can choose rental microphones, rental PA systems, and rental mixers. This is expensive equipment, so don’t have buy it unless you have a need to own it.


Video takes several forms during a concert. You can have a LED light grid that is programmed to form different shapes and images, a LED video screen, a video tube, or projection. You also need a media server to feed this information to the chosen video projection method. Video can be a great addition to a show. It enhances the audience’s experience a great deal.


Another effect you may want to opt for is confetti. Streamer and confetti blowers are very effective at enhancing the concert experience. There are quick-shot blowers and blowers with multiple horns that spread confetti everywhere. You can even create a confetti storm that will drive the audience crazy.


How to Travel with Production Gear

When you travel with production gear, you have to be very careful. Some tips for ensuring the gear is protected include:

·      Don’t pack too much – You want to be prepared, but don’t overpack the gear because you could damage it. Some producers will opt for gear rental at their destination if they find that they need something.

·      Carry-on cases – This is for when you are flying. You can get a hard case that will protect the most breakable gear, which usually is your small items, like microphones. The case needs to meet carry-on baggage requirements, which can vary by airline.

·      Insure the gear – Be sure to insure the gear so you are protected against damage. When traveling, the risk of damage is much higher, especially if you have to fly with it. Baggage handlers aren’t careful.

Case Studies

RGB Lights has logged a few case studies on installations. Mentioned earlier was the video tube. This is a tube covered in LED lights that display images. At 404 Washington in South Beach, the video tube installed by RGB Lights is hard to miss because it has become a focal point of the building. The tube uses a FlexiFleXL at a 300mm pixel pitch configuration. The busy street is lit up at night, and the imagery is diverse. The content possibilities are endless.

Cawthra Park in Miami is another example. RGB Lights installed overhead LED lighting at the entrances. This transformed the feel of the park. The product used has a FLexiFleXL 300mm pixel pitch configuration. RGB fabricated, integrated, and installed the system.

RGB Lights is also a power behind the stage lighting you see on “America’s Got Talent.” From the giant vaulted arch structures to the background images, everything you see is planned carefully. The products used include FlexiFlex 100mm MX, 71mm FlexiFlex Panels, and 62.5mm RigiFleXL Strips. The Video System Manager Pro DVI controls the stage lighting.

To learn more about production preparation contact RGB Lights.