Why You Need a Technical Event Production Company in Chicago

An event takes a tremendous amount of time to design, plan, and coordinate. Event planners have to think of every little detail such as the catering, décor, lighting, acts, accommodating a number of guests, a timeline, and so much more. You have far better things to worry about on the days leading up to the big day. That’s why you need to hire a technical event production company in Chicago to help you manage all of these tasks. That way you can be confident that they will be taken care of while you focus your attention on more demanding tasks.

RGB Lights is your answer! Our team of experts will customize a solution for you and take care of everything from start to finish. This includes LED lighting products, service, maintenance, and installation plans for your Chicago event. Here are just a few reasons why working with our team of experts will benefit your technical production event in Chicago.

Years of Experience

As an event planner, it’s your job to research companies and hire the best one possible. The work that is required for lighting, staging, video, and sound is extremely detailed. You want to make sure the company you hire is the right one for the job.

When hiring a technical event production company in Chicago for the event you’re planning, how many years they have in experience definitely comes into play. This shows you that they can deliver a successful job and there’s a greater chance your event will go smoothly since the company has done this for a long period of time.

Having a company with multiple years of experience and is local to you is the best-case scenario. If your event is in Chicago for example, look for a technical production company in Chicago. A local experienced company will be familiar with event venues, and will have most likely already worked an event similar to yours. As a technical event production company in Chicago, RGB Lights knows the ins and outs of the city and has the experience to provide high-quality work.

A Team of Experts

When hiring a professional technical event production company, you are opening yourself up to all of the experts they have on their team. You have production technicians, project managers, coordinators, and fabricators right by your side through the whole process.

We pride ourselves on building a team of professionals that will give you the most incredible event possible. Our experts are dedicated to working hard to meet all of your needs from start to finish on all of your projects. Meet the RGB Lights team in Chicago. We promise to be there with you through every step of the process to make sure the event you are planning is perfect.

High-Quality Equipment

High-quality equipment is key to running an event.  When you hire a technical event production company, you also purchase the equipment they will be using throughout your show.

Having a company local to you will make it easier to transport equipment to and from the event venue. A great company will set everything up for you and tear all the equipment down after the show is complete in a timely manner.

RGB Lights is an expert in LED lighting solutions for technical event productions in Chicago. We stand by our equipment and products knowing that it’s the latest and greatest. With a team of professional experts and the finest selection of equipment out there, your show will be more spectacular than you can even imagine. Knowing this will also give you more time to focus on other details of the event.


Incredible Design

Every event planner has a picture in their head of what they want the event to look like. Lighting and production is a large part of that picture. You must find a company that can create an even better version of the picture you have in mind. A great design is only possible when you have the three things we mentioned previously. Multiple years of experience, a great team of experts, and the best equipment available make your dream production design come to life.

Finding a technical event production company located in Chicago makes bringing this picture come to life much easier because they know the area and market they are serving. Design is different in every city. Let the experts in Chicago create a lighting and production design that appeals specifically to your audience.

You have a vision, and we will blow your mind making it more incredible than you ever imagined. Check out some of the projects we’ve worked on in Chicago and all around the world. No matter what event you’re planning next, we have most likely worked on a similar job or we are also able to create a completely custom design from scratch.


What’s the most important part of hiring a company locally in Chicago? If you guessed convenience, then you are correct. Like we’ve mentioned before, local companies know what the people in their city love and rave about. A good company can take a design you have bouncing around in your head and make it fit perfectly for your audience.

Transportation is nothing to worry about because a local company will know Chicago’s roads better than anyone else. Honestly, this is one of the biggest advantages. This ensures you that everything will be done on time and according to schedule.

Having the company’s team local to you is also beneficial for meetings leading up to the event. Face to face appointments are always best.

If you’re looking to bring your dream event alive, contact us and we will without a doubt make it happen. With over ten years of experience, high quality equipment, and incredible designs, RGB Lights is your premier technical event production company in Chicago.