Benefits of LED Lighting to Transform Your Outdoor Commercial Space

Proper lighting has the power to transform any space. At RGB Lights we have transformed outdoor spaces from Irvine Spectrum Wheel, Sundance Square Plaza, and Crockett Circle to name a few. Each of these projects began as an open space but with the use of LED installations were transformed into a more welcoming and awe-inspiring exterior that can help one in achieving business goals. Outdoor lighting can add curb appeal, create inviting spaces, and transform the exterior of any building or public space.


First of all, it is important to understand what LED lighting is and what differentiates them from other lighting options on the market. LED is defined as light emitting diodes which is essentially a microchip. An electrical current passes through the microchip device visible light is produced. Unlike bulbs of the past, LEDs do not experience burnouts but rather lumen depreciation in which their brightness slowly dims over time. Nonetheless, LEDs lifetime expectancy is much longer compared to alternative bulbs. Additionally, LED are measured in lumens as oppose to watts. This is because LED use less energy and their measurement is not comparable in watts.


When first exploring light installations as a means to transform your space it is important to look at the benefits of LED lights. The advantages of using LED lights include cost saving benefits, they’re environmentally friendly, and have a multitude of capabilities given technology.


LED lighting can save you up to 80% in electricity due to their long-life expectancy. The general life expectancy of an LED is around 50,000 hours compared to a fluorescent bulb around 30,000 hours and an incandescent bulb which is around 1,000. Due to the longer life expectancy of LED lights, you will save time due to a lower frequency of maintenance and repairs as well as money.  


LED lights are also unique in the fact that they do not come in a white color. At RGB we utilize various colors and materials to convert the light to color. Additionally, we offer such a variety in our LED color spectrum that we are able to work very closely with your branding needs to carry out your vision.


In addition to coloring, LED lights differ in the fact that they are directional light sources. Dependent upon their design LEDs emit light in a specific direction making them a perfect means to highlight specific areas of your commercial outdoor space. Due to their directional nature LEDs provide optimum lighting efficiency. In comparison, incandescent light bulbs emit heat and light in all directions, which can be wasteful if not used to your advantage.


Outdoor lighting can add curb appeal, create inviting spaces, and transform the exterior of any building or public space. When working with RGB Lights our skilled consultants specialize in large scale outdoor projects and work with you to actualize your vision. We are your one stop shop for all your LED lighting needs and guarantee top notch production, installation, and customer service. Contact us today!