Congress Parkway

Congress Parkway is a busy, eight-lane city street within Chicago's Financial District, so this lighting project had to strike a careful balance. As Chicago Department of Transportation project director Janet Attarian put it, it needed to be "visually interesting, but not distracting" to drivers. Twenty-foot tall, internally-lit columns were chosen to run down the median of the street. Flat, metal, sculptural pieces flank them near the sidewalks. Over 600 color-changing, LED bulbs light the columns and sculptures. RGB Lights performed the installation and system integration for the project as well as ongoing system maintenance.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Collaborated With: Chicago Department of Transportation, KSA Lighting, John Burns Construction Co., FH Paschen, North Star Lighting

Method of Control: Pharos

Services Provided: Installation, System Integration, Maintenance and Support

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