Crockett Circle at West 7th

Above an intersection at West 7th in Fort Worth, Texas, this iconic ring is suspended 20 feet above the ground. The goal of the project was to create a lightweight, low-profile, and easy to install LED system to upgrade the structure’s static white, incandescent lighting. To accomplish this, RGB Lights worked with BuyLEDs and enhanced the structure to what it is today. With nearly 3,000 individually controllable LED nodes, color-changing effects ranging from slow color morph to twinkle, and 8,000 pounds of extruded aluminum beams, Crocket Circle at West 7th has become a common location for photo shoots among family and friends who frequent the area.

Location: Forth Worth, Texas

Collaborated With: Buy LED

Products Used: Custom RigiFleXL 100mm

Method of Control: Pharos LPCX

Services Provided: Custom Fabrication, System Integration, Initial Programming

Photos courtesy of Chantelle Renee Photography.

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