• 1:6-way DMX/RDM Splitter/Booster
  • Isolated DMX/RDM Input/Outputs
  • Surface or DIN-rail mountable
  • AC adapter included

DMX Splitter & Booster

MANUFACTURER: Philips Color Kinetics


  • Philips Showline RDM-6Wall Splitter is a 6-output DMX/RDM splitter with DMX/RDM pass-through. This unit takes the incoming DMX/RDM signal and splits the signal into six separate output channels allowing for expanding the number of devices controlled from 32 to 6 X 32. The output terminals are electronically isolated from the input & RDM-through port and share a common ground reference. All six output ports have an independent output driver to boost the DMX/RDM signal.