Exterior Fixtures

Used for exterior lighting, Philips Color Kinetics lighting systems bring new impact and interest to a community or skyline with bright, impressive beams of color and white light. Able to withstand harsh weather, splashing water, urban vibration, and other environmental factors, our exterior fixtures are ideal for any façade, bridge, or other outdoor application.

Wall Grazing 

LED wall grazing fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics deliver high-intensity intelligent colored light in a range of beam angles, from relatively narrow to relatively wide, for a variety of effects and light distributions. The colored light emitted by grazing fixtures highlights the textures of the illuminated surface

Wall Washing

Wall washing using intelligent color light can evenly illuminate a large surface smoothing any imperfections. Color wall washing fixtures help to make a room appear brighter, cheerier, and more relaxed.

Flood Lighting

Our full range of flood fixtures include the Reach Powercore and Reach Compact Powercore families. Ideal for illuminating large surfaces, flood fixtures can throw light to great heights for full-saturation of surfaces.

Spot Lighting

Architectural installations, public monuments, landscape and hardscape environments, and stage performances often require the narrow focus of a spotlight. Our spotlighting fixtures are ideal for creating areas of drama using concentrated light.

eColor Burst Powercore gen2

eW Burst Compact Powercore

eColor Burst Powercore

eColor Burst Compact Powercore

ColorBurst Compact Powercore

C-Splash 2

iW Burst Compact Powercore

Direct View 

Full-color LED direct-view fixtures with fine levels of control can display complex, dynamic images and color-changing effects, as well as large-scale video. Linear and strand fixtures can create two- and three-dimensional displays on any scale, from stunning indoor set pieces to building-covering video displays visible for miles.