Four Loko Party

When Four Loko came to Chicago to throw a party showcasing popular comedians and world class electronic dance deejays, they knew that they wanted to make a splash. Enter RGB Lights. To make this a night to remember, we transformed Revel Fulton Market by competing two different components of the night. First, we lit all of the rooms within the venue to create a cohesive party atmosphere. This created branding throughout the entire space and allowed the flow of the party to be intuitive. Second, we created the lighting and video wall for the stage to put on an amazing show. This served as a backdrop to accompany the acts and music, bringing the stage to life. When executing this project, the best part of the night for us was seeing people enjoy all of the aspects that we put into the event with Mills Entertainment!

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Products Used: RigiFlex RS-15 (Video Wall), SolaSpot Pro CMY, iColor Accent MX Powercore, Colorblast 12 TRX, Source IV, Color Charge Plus, Truss

Method of Control: Hog 4 Console

Services Provided: Programming, Lighting

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