Hy-Vee Ramp at Arrowhead Stadium

Hy-Vee’s goal was to create a branded performance area inside of Arrowhead Stadium, home of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs. RGB Lights fabricated custom 71mm panels of FlexiFlex and hung them from a central support structure. When stretched over the entire height of the ramp, FlexiFlex created several vertical columns of gently-curved, video display space that Hy-Vee used to show brand graphics and dynamic video content. When they want to change the content they can do it through an easy-to-use iPad interface.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri - Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium

Collaborated With: Dimensional Innovations, Populous

Products Used: FlexiFlex 71mm Custom Panels

Method of Control: Video System Manager Pro Composite with Pharos AVC and iPad interface

Services Provided: Custom Fabrication, System Integration, Installation, Maintenance and Support

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