• Precise resolution control—Fixtures can be addressed and controlled in increments down to 19 mm (0.75 in), or up to 1220 mm (4 ft).
  • Native, onboard Ethernet—Fixtures accept Ethernet input from PDS-400 48V EO to support long control runs not subject to DMX data and addressing limitations.
  • Three fixture lengths—305 mm (1 ft), 610 mm (2 ft), and 1220 mm (4 ft) lengths are easily connected to create long, continuous columns or rows of intense, dynamic color. The 305 mm (1 ft) fixtures in particular allow for extra flexibility when space is at a premium.
  • Rugged, durable construction—This IP66- rated fixture is designed to meet the taxing requirements of outdoor applications. The aluminium housing resists shock, vibration, and other forms of rough handling.
  • Flexible positioning—Over-molded end-to-end locking connectors supply both power and data. Connectors can make 180° turns for easy layout. Jumper cables can add extra space between fixtures.
  • Industry-leading controls—Works seamlessly with the complete Philips line of controllers, including Video System Manager Pro, Light System Manager, and iPlayer 3, and any third-party controllers.
  • Universal power input range—Accepts a universal power input range of 100 - 277 VAC for consistent installation anywhere in the world. Each 400 W, outdoor-rated PDS-400 48V EO can support multiple fixtures for creating long lines of video or ribbons of intricately changing color.
  • ActiveSite integration—ActiveSite is the first ever cloud-hosted connected lighting system for architectural LED lighting installations. ActiveSite allows you to remotely monitor, manage, and maintain an installation site from anywhere in the world, using a secure web connection.


iColor Accent Compact

MANUFACTURER: Philips Color Kinetics