• Each fixture projects a soft-edge strip of light at a 120° x 120° beam angle.
  • The sleek, low-profile housing enables installation in tight areas, and easy through-hole mounting and in-line power and data connections reduce installation time.
  • In addition to end-to-end locking connectors for rapid installation of solid runs, optional 1 ft (305 mm) and 5 ft (1.5 m) jumper cables can add extra space between fixtures, depending on your lighting requirements. Optional mounting tracks ensure straight runs in linear applications, and support vertical and overhead positioning.
  • Auto-addressing through Chromasic technology simplifies installation, addressing, and programming. Chromasic integrates power, communication, and control to lower power consumption and overall system cost.
  • Optibin, our proprietary binning optimization process, ensures optimal color consistency from fixture to fixture and run to run.
  • Available in 7 in (178 mm) and 12 in (305 mm) lengths. End-to-end mounting or staggered positioning lets you achieve curves and other geometries to fill alcoves and interior spaces of any shape or complexity.
  • iColor Cove EC fixtures work seamlessly with the complete line of Philips controllers, including ColorDial Pro, iPlayer3 and Light System Manager, as well as third-party controllers.


MANUFACTURER: Philips Color Kinetics


  • iColor Cove EC is the most cost-effective option in the popular iColor Cove family. This low-profile fixture is designed for accent, perimeter, or cove lighting where lower light intensity and lower costs are desired. iColor Cove EC offers an economical way to bring color-changing light and lighting effects to alcoves, task areas, and other tight spaces.


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