John Hancock Observatory Tilt

John Hancock's Observatory, 360 Chicago, has created a way for people to view the city like never before. This thrilling new feature is the first of its kind in the world, featuring eight windows that extend out over The Magnificent Mile and Chicago's famous skyline. People can obtain downward-facing views from 1,000 feet while feeling as though they are floating above the buildings below. In order to make this experience stand out, RGB Lights lined these windows with FlexiFleXL 100mm, illuminating the structure both inside and out. This installation not only creates a special experience for visitors, but makes this attraction one that is recognizable by both locals and visitors. 

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Products Used: FlexiFleXL, 100mm

Method of Control: Light System Manager

Services Provided: Custom Fabrication, System Integration, Installation

Images courtesy of Travis Schoening at T9 Creative.

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