Lincoln Experience Center

The façade of the Lincoln Experience Center in Frisco, TX was a project headed by Miller Architectural Glass.  With Jackson Dawson as the main contractor, Mark Miller’s expertise was called upon for the installation.  The concept of backlighting the glass was proposed and Mark was put in touch with RGB through Philips Color Kinetics.  RGB worked with Miller Architectural Glass to find the best color temperature and resolution to work behind the custom glass panels that were made with Lincoln’s logo on them as a repetitive pattern.

With a few well thought out options at the first demonstration, it was quickly decided that the best resolution for the depth the eW Flex Compact would be behind the glass was 5” on center.  The quickest way to install the strands securely, would be to have a custom RigiFleXL grid outfitted with two 4000K eW Flex Compact strands.  That way the entire system could be wired beforehand, and the RigiFleXL could be installed prior to the more difficult operation of placing each glass panel.

The result is a gorgeous display that can either be used to simply backlight the storefront or display black and white video images.  The resolution is even clear enough through the glass that text is readable – which was demonstrated for to welcome the dealers at the grand opening.

Location: Frisco, TX

Collaborated With: Miller Architecural Glass (Client), Jackson Dawson (Installer)

Products Used: FlexiFlex and RigiFleXL

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