• Live Mode: Fully control 1024 DMX channels via MADRIX and use 2x DMX-OUT, 2x DMX-IN, 1x DMX-OUT and 1x DMX-IN, or Art-Net. The USB or Ethernet port can be used for live mode.
  • Stand-Alone Mode: The built-in slot for SD or SDHC cards allows to run sophisticated light shows without the need for a computer. A MADRIX PC is only required to preprogram the shows.
  • Master-Slave Synchronization & Scalability: Simply connect multiple devices at the same time. A master interface can be set up to synchronize the LED installation across all DMX universes.
  • MADRIX Software Integration: The PLEXUS hardware and the MADRIX software form a unique bundle. This powerful combination works directly out of the box.
  • Extension Port: The versatile 15-pin serial port offers enhanced connectivity towards external analog or digital devices and therefore maximum flexibility.
  • Event Scheduler: Easily run automatic scenes off the SD card with the help of the internal clock and time-controlled shows.
  • Quality Design: The precision aluminum enclosure, NEUTRIK plugs, and other excellent components ensure High Availability and reliability. 
  • Innovative Handling: The large backlit 3" LCD graphics display and 5 accessible control buttons make it really easy to manage and set up the device.
  • USB 2.0 Standard: Support of the USB 2.0 standard provides professional features such as Power over USB, Hot Swapping, and Plug and Play.
  • Kensington Security Slot: Secure each MADRIX PLEXUS using the standard of portable security.




  • The MADRIX PLEXUS controls up to 2 universes via DMX512 or Art-Net as a versatile stand-alone interface or live controller.
  • It is the first and only interface to offer stand-alone playback of MADRIX light shows and effects.