• Featuring Ethernet-based control and automatic lighting system discovery, Light System Manager dramatically simplifies installation.
  • Light System Engine hardware processes simultaneous light output data for up to 15,000 individually controllable LED nodes, depending on configuration.
  • Solid-state drives reduce the number of moving parts to enhance the reliability of the LSE hardware.
  • Slimmer form factor offers convenient surface mounting, as well as the ability to install in server racks and racknmount cases.
  • Integrated mounting tabs allow installation overhead, on vertical surfaces, or on moving architectural or entertainment features.
  • Light System Composer software allows you to create and manage dynamic light shows with fully customizable effects, multi-layer editing, and unique color palettes. You can design shows with single or multiple color-changing effects, animated images, geometric patterns, and more.
  • Configure and control multiple playback zones, each with up to unique light show assignments. Light System Manager allows zone control of both indoor and outdoor fixtures within a single installation
  • Designed for use with LSM, Ethernet Controller Keypad is a wall-mounted triggering device that controls light shows and fixture brightness at the touch of a button. LSM supports up to 10 keypads within a single lighting installation.
  • Configure show scheduling based on a specific date, a day of the week, weekdays, or weekends.
  • Light System Manager offers visual effects with color temperature and intensity settings designed specifically for IntelliWhite white light fixtures.


MANUFACTURER: Philips Color Kinetics


  • Optimized for medium and large-scale LED lighting installations, Light System Manager controller (LSM) is an integrated hardware and software solution comprising Light System Engine (LSE) controller hardware and Light System Composer (LSC) creative design software. With support for intricately designed installations containing thousands of LED nodes, Light System Manager offers the versatility to manage wide-ranging architectural, entertainment, and retail lighting environments.


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