• The sPDS-480x power/data supply was developed to provide users of LED lighting and video installations with high pixel counts a long-lasting and robust outdoor rated enclosure that delivers value, easy installation, and a simple user interface for diagnostics and system testing/ configuration. 
  • Built for the environment, the sPDS-480x allows for field location with higher proximity to the LED fixtures while maintaining physical separation from the panel. This expands system configuration options including challenging environments where a climate-controlled rack enclosure may not be suitable. 
  • In comparison to existing outdoor power/data supply options, the sPDS-480x offers up to 30% savings in spatial footprint and up to 44% savings in total weight, reducing shipping costs. 
  • Versatile for either permanent or temporary applications, this portable power/data supply is both wall and pipe mountable, eliminating the need for longer leader cables as well as reducing electrician installation expenses.  


Spec Sheet