• Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) powered device allows show control inputs and outputs to be placed at any remote location on a network
  • Compatible with all Pharos Controllers (LPCs, AVC) allowing lighting and AV to respond instantly to the environment for interactive installations
  • Any number of RIO devices can be placed on a network as part of a distributed system utilising PoE technology to facilitate a familiar, simple and reliable CAT5 wiring topology
  • Supports a variety of show control protocols that make it trivial to interface to third-party systems
  • Integrated bi-directional RS232/RS485 serial port, including DMX output
  • Three models available: RIO 80 (8 inputs configured as contact closures, digital or analogue inputs), RIO 44 (4 inputs configured as contact closures, digital or analogue inputs; 4 isolated relay outputs), RIO 08 (8 isolated relay outputs)

RIO 80/44/08



  • The scalable remote input and output solution for show control over an Ethernet network.


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