SEPTA Center City Concourse

FlexiFlex has just been used in a long-developing project for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s Center City Concourse, in downtown Philadelphia.  RGB Lights, in conjunction with The Lighting Practice (out of Philadelphia) and Penn Lighting, used a hybrid version of FlexiFlex to allow quick installation behind glass blocks in the SEPTA Concourse.

While the entire system needed to be weatherproof, we also wanted a modular system that was not complicated for the electrical contractor to deal with.  Panels with a combination of rigid horizontal and flexible vertical structures allowed panels to transport easily and unroll perfectly to maintain precise spacing for the lighting of the glass blocks.

The entire system is powered with Color Kinetics PDS-60’s and networked and controlled by Pharos’ new VLC (Video Lighting Controller), so even though the FlexiFlex is behind glass blocks, moving images and videos are distinctly apparent.  SEPTA is just beginning to realize the potential for control options and imagery with the system, but they have a couple more phases that we are looking to help them with to realize the full potential of their system.

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