Sony Playstation 4

Collaborating with Stungun Productions, RGB Lights unveiled 13 floors of 71mm FlexiFlex SL within the windows of The Standard Hotel in New York City for the launch of Sony's PlayStation 4. The highly publicized event showcased FlexiFlex' ability to depict stunning video and imagery of PS4's newest characters and hottest games in a grandiose format. Spike TV's live event coverage 'PS4 All Access Live: Greatness Awaits' was a world premiere and we were proud to be a part of it!

Location: New York, New York

Collaborated With: Stungun Productions, Ozterity Lighting, Sony PlayStation 4, Clearwing Productions Inc.

Products Used: 71mm FlexiFlex

Method of Control: Video System Manager Pro DVI

Services Provided: System Integration, Installation

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