United Therapeutics

United Therapeutics, a biotechnology company, wanted to personalize a pedestrian foot bridge that connected two buildings at their corporate headquarters. Ewing Cole Design and United Therapeutics decided to incorporate the double helix DNA strand into the glass sides of the bridge. RGB Lights fabricated customized 100mm RigiFleXL to achieve the effect of DNA running the length of the bridge. The DNA will also change color thanks to programming by RGB Lights. The detailed design created a unique, effectively-branded space for United Theraputics and exemplified the custom creations that are possible with the FlexiFlex family of products!

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

Collaborated With: EwingCole Design, Truland Service Corp., Penn Lighting

Products Used: 100mm Custom RigiFleXL Panels

Method of Control: Light System Manager

Services Provided: Custom Fabrication, Programming, System Integration, Installation

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