Wicker Park

In homage to a prominent, late 19th century housing design affectionately referred to as "worker cottages", local artist Lynn Basa consulted RGB Lights to help bring the concept of the "Workers' Cottage" structure to life.  In an effort to liven up the corner of Wood and Milwaukee in Chicago's Wicker Park Neighborhood, Lynn Basa and RGB Lights, along with two other local companies, Vector Custom Fabrication and Douglas Masonry, worked together in constructing a highly identifiable piece.  The intent of the design is to create a public work that is easily identifiable during both the day and the night, serving as a gateway to the Wickper Park neighborhood.

The Woker Cottage, a combination of steel and textured glass block, encases over 700 individually addressable LED nodes which interact with the community as residents pass through the structure.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Collaborated With: Lynn Basa (Artist), Douglas Masonry, Vector Custom Fabrication

Products Used: iColor Flex LMX

Method of Control: Pharos Lighting Playback Controller

Services Provided: Fixture Specification, Installation, System Integration

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