Woodfield Bridge

The Woodfield Corporate Center is a pair of multi-story office buildings connected by a shared walkway. As part of an overall modernization of the buildings, a proposal was made to install a light sculpture in the walkway. The sculpture simulated a wave descending from the ceiling. A metal frame was affixed to the existing roof structure and iColor Accent Powercore LED fixtures were attached to the frame to provide long ribbons of colors and patterns. RGB Lights installed the fixtures and programmed the display, which is so popular with the Woodfield Corporate Center that it is utilized to market the building.

Location: Schaumburg, Illinois - Woodfield Corporate Center

Collaborated With: Lincoln Property Company, Gwen Grossman Lighting Design; Wright Heerema Architects

Products Used: iColor Accent Powercore

Method of Control: VSM Pro Composite with Pharos AVC, Hippo Critter (Remote content generation)

Services Provided: Programming, System Integration, Installation, Maintenance and Support

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