• 350mW Total From Three Infinity Blanking Diodes: 200mW 650nm Red, 50mW 532nm IR Filtered Green, And 100mW Black Light 402nm Blue-Violet
  • Additive 350mW Unbalanced White Laser Effect
  • 10,000pps (Points Per Second) Scanning Galvanometer
  • Ultra-Smooth Scanner Movement For Fluid Graphics
  • Over 100 Built In Patterns Including Numbers, Shapes, Graphics, and Aerial Patterns
  • Auto, Sound Active, 12 Channel 3 Pin DMX, And ILDA
  • Control X/Y/Z Axis Position and Movement, Strobe, Drawing, And More Via DMX Or ILDA Interface
  • Custom Graphics And Real Time Text Possible With ILDA Compatible Controller Such As The X-Laser XA LIVE Suite
  • Adjustable Sound Sensitivity
  • USA Legal, FDA/CDRH Certified Class IIIB
  • E-Z Variance Kit Included With No Extra Costs
  • Rugged Metal Safety-Interlocking Housing
  • Maintenance Free
  • Includes Detailed User Information, Beam Blocks, And The X-Laser IIIB User DVD With Laser Training Resources, Safety Materials, Marketing Images, And More!
  • Every Single Laser Is Double Quality Checked In A 26 Point Inspection Before Shipping
  • For indoor use ONLY. Do not attempt to open the housing.




  • We are at it again. X-Laser is extremely proud to introduce the industry's first full color laser system featuring a blue-violet 402nm black light Infinity Blanking Diode. Full color laser systems are FINALLY within the reach of almost everyone and with our industry standard ILDA interface you can use any ILDA package to produce beautiful fluid animations and graphics in full RGB color. At a fraction of the cost of traditional RGB laser systems and with X-Laser's industry leading safety features the new RGB is poised to rock the clubs, corporate events, and special events markets for many years to come.