• XLR Balanced Cable
  • XLR Male to XLR Female
  • Nickel plated metal connectors
  • Fully screened cable (shielded) – This prevents interference and reduces noise and crosstalk from other sources that may be situated around the cable. The signal produced is a lot cleaner with fewer defects. By using this cable a purer signal path will be achieved.
  • Durable PVC jacket helps to protect the cable against wear and tear.
  • Cable strain relief to protect the cable – Enables the cable to be bent in a multitude of directions without breaking, unlike many leads sold by different companies. This cable to be used in fast moving professional environments where durability is essential.
  • OFC (oxygen free copper) increases signal quality across the length of the cable.
  • Balanced Connection - pin 2 is connected to pin 2, pin 3 is connected to pin 3, pin 1 is connected to pin 1. A balanced connection will help reduce interferance and produce a much stronger un-distorted signal.
  • This cable can be used to connect two devices, one featuring an XLR female connection and the other featuring an XLR male connection, such as a microphone to a mixer. This is an industry standard cable for DMX control.  


  • 10 foot
  • 15 foot
  • 25 foot
  • 50 foot
  • 100 foot
  • 200 foot